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Filinvest : Havila Filinvest For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 7.6 M - 19.2 M 350 sqm - 841 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
20% DP payable in 12 months, 80% bank finance

Reasons to invest
There are a lot of reasons why you would consider investing in Havila Filinvest. Every person is looking towards attaining the best place to invest. When considering real estate investment, it is only wise to consider Havila Filinvest.  Here are the reasons why you ought to invest in Havila Filinvest.

Easy access: The township can be accessed easily from three highway routes. Depending on the community you live in the township, you can choose a route that makes easy access for you. These are great options, especially during road repair times, and other roads may be closed. Get the access from M.L Qeuzon Avenue, Cabrera Road, and the Don Mariano Santos Avenue. Choose the route that provides you easy access, among the three main options.

Business opportunity: Havila Filinvest offers you homes that are both for RFO, residential and pre-selling home. This is a great way for you to actualize the best business opportunity, when seeking to start on the real estate. In h location, and building features, you will out rightly find the best way to kick start your business.

Different communities: There are multiple types of communities in the township of Havila Filinvest. When you choose to invest here, there are multiple options of house models to choose from. All of the house types have different prices. This means that you can find a house that fits your budget well. In addition, a home that fits your needs, depending on the space required, and features necessary for a home. However, the security, quality of homes, and comfort in the homes has not been compromised. 

Home to be proud of: Havila Filinvest offers you the best place to call home. This comes with the ample space in the homes. The amenities and the features will also provide the best place to call home. This is the best way to relax, with great opportunities to spend free time. This will include free time for yourself and the children too. Open up better skills, and talents in them, as they play with other neighbours in the community you choose to live in.

Top municipality: Havila Filinvest is a great place to invest, since it is rated to be the second richest municipality. It is widely famous for various things that include; woodworks, colleges, giant shopping malls, food processing plants, breweries, and much more. Take advantage of the various business activities, to live in the highly industrial centre. You can find better chances to open and make your business thrive in unimaginable dimensions.

Building features: Havila Filinvest is built with the best house models. They are built with the latest technology, and will grant you fulfilment living there. You can enjoy the various unit features available for your home. The features will include houses that are fit for the modern family. This is including various rooms like the maid’s room, utility area, double spaced carport and much more. You are also provided with floor plans of the ground and the first floor. This will include fixtures that are of the best quality.

Security: This is a main aspect when choosing a home for your family; whether the community will offer secure living. Being sure that your family is well secure, and properly taken care of, is what we look for in the investments we make. Havila Filinvest is one way to make sure living is secure, and sound. The provision of the fence and the security system is proof enough, that you will have safety living in Havila Filinvest.

Everyone would like to live in a community where there is fulfilling life, and a lot of fun activities. Ensure you make your investment right now, and have the opportunity to open doors for business. Get the leading homes in the real estate market today. Ensure you get a payment plan that really works for you. They are available, to suit your income, and allow you to live in your dream home. Get the best unit, in a community that suits you, in Havila Filinvest. Take advantage of the large opportunity to invest in a fast growing area, where Havila Filinvest is located.

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